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April 10

‘The Lunchbox’

“Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right place.”


“What You Should Know: A Field Guide to Three Sisters Farm”

Oakland’s Dom Colizzi prepares for Kittery performace

A 21-year-old singer/songwriter Dom Colizzi, from Oakland, has recently caught the eye of some of the industry’s most powerful figures who all recommend that he move to Nashville to continue his journey as a promising country musician. In appreciation of all his supporting home state fans of Maine, Dom will perform a very special intimate live show at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 18, at the Dance Hall, 7 Walker St., in Kittery. This will be a monumental event for Dom as he will sign a contract with his new Manager Tom Crouse onstage. Crouse is the father and manager of country star Joel Crouse who is currently on tour with Darius Rucker and has toured with Taylor Swift.

Tricky Britches returns to Mainely Brews April 18

Several years ago, I discovered a Portland-based quartet, Tricky Britches, when they were coming to play at Mainely Brews. Upon listening to their “Hard Fought Day” album, I became a fan so when I learned they were making a trip back to the 1 Post Office Square venue othis month, I decided another chat with a band member was in order. Fiddle player/vocalist Tyler Lienhardt volunteered and I called him at home to find out what was up with he and his bandmates … like a new album, maybe?


Several photos included in this story Mainely Brews and the Waterville Opera House provided a great St. Patrick’s celebration — even if you aren’t Irish.


‘The Engagements:’ Best-selling author Courtney Sullivan has another hit with a penetrating and sensitive exploration of marriage and relationships spanning 50 years.


Contradances and other dance events planned for area.


“Shrek,” “Godspell,” “Crimes of the Heart” and a one-act play festival will be staged this week.