5:37 PM

Winthrop Masonic hall torn down Several photos included in this story

The Bowdoin Street hall was razed Thursday to make way for an expansion of the library next door.

Winthrop town councilors approve hall destruction

Yesterday at 9:38 PM

Peyton Manning holding on to Super Bowl heartache

'I don't really have a word for it,' the quarterback says in his first public comments since the 43-8 loss to Seattle.

Yesterday at 12:01 AM

Today’s editorial cartoon

April 16, 2014

April 10

‘The Lunchbox’

“Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right place.”

Yesterday at 4:28 PM

Authors to give workshop at Gardiner Public Libary

GARDINER — A workshop with authors John Ford and Mark Nickerson will take place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 29, at Gardiner Public Library’s Hazzard Reading Room, 152 Water St.

Top Stories

1:44 PM

Kennebec River backing off after peaking lower than predicted

Flooding on the river was not as significant as anticipated and Bond Brook, which never flooded, is no longer a threat.
Flooding closes Dexter’s Main Street businesses
Kennebec floods in Augusta, Hallowell, Gardiner

2:16 PM

Maine man pleads guilty to twice robbing same Augusta pharmacy

Ryan McLaughlin, 26, who told police he had an addiction and was desperate, faces up to 20 years on each of two counts.

1:38 PM

Maine fined $7 million over welfare work participation rates

The governor says the action shows that his reforms should have been passed, but an advocacy group says the penalty is based on a work participation rate from 2011 and that his reforms would not have helped.
Letter notifying Maine of welfare penalty

5:18 PM

Rumford attorney resigns in wake of domestic violence terrorizing charge

The lawyer, who was convicted of calling in bomb threats to Wilton schools, is accused of making a threat against his wife to court personnel.

6:24 PM

Waterville man charged with smashing downtown window

Police said Lance Huff, 37, of 58 Old Main St., Fairfield, was arrested Wednesday.

4:28 PM

Gardiner proposes tax increase

Gardiner City Manager Scott Morelli presented a recommended budget to councilors Wednesday night with an 8 percent tax hike.

Other Maine News Headlines

12:26 PM

Maine approves bill to hold OUI offenders more accountable

The measure allows prosecutors to consider a driver’s lifetime felony offenses, rather than being limited to looking back 10 years.

State’s high court asked to dismiss Richmond woman’s claim

Linda J. Clifford says she was picked up by two state troopers and taken from her home for a second psychiatric evaluation at the same hospital and strip-searched by male security guards.

11:40 AM

Robber who was homesick for prison to be sentenced

Living alone and feeling unhappy, the 74-year-old high-school dropout decided to change his situation by committing a crime in order to get caught.

4:04 PM

Gardiner organizations honored for volunteerism

Gardiner Federal Credit Union and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Gardiner received Governor’s Awards for Service and Volunteerism for supporting their community.

4:20 PM

Franklin County physical education get $2 million federal grant

The money will be used over three years for programs for Franklin County students.

Kennebec Journal Sports

Peyton Manning holding on to Super Bowl heartache

'I don't really have a word for it,' the quarterback says in his first public comments since the 43-8 loss to Seattle.


Today’s editorial cartoon

April 16, 2014

What's Happening

TRAVELIN’ MAINE(RS) Several photos included in this story

Fuel, in Lewiston has met with wide acclaim and rightly so. The urban decor is stunning, with the modern bar area at the front of the restaurant and white linens topping the remain ...



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